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One thing I forget about having a website is

… that I forget I can do whatever I want with it. The reason this site existed in the first place was to have a place I can build something based whatever new bits I’ve learned in the past 12-18 months that I probably wouldn’t be able to take advantage of in my dayjob/freelance work Read More


New year with a new theme, This is the beta version, but trying it out to iron out bug ans such. Also under the hood, I’m trying to fully embrace the Gutenberg backend(blocks are still the future), anyways updates! Scienze released some viz for 125th produced by yours truly     [audiomack background=”1″ src=””] Johnny Read More


SO. For the 17 of you that check this site, here are some updates. for the past couple months I’ve taken up hosting duties for Beat Haus, a monthly producer showcase in Brooklyn, NY (next one is on Jan 10th) In wanting to do more web things, I’m starting to involved in a couple projects. Read More


I have new music out. Bandcamp and soundcloud for your listening pleasure.


Out of all the different places I exist online, this site has been getting the least attention. I’ve been meaning to make this site a little less terrible, because of the infrequent posting, but time keeps on slipping away from me.    

Never Stop Shipping

I’ve been working on web development things more in the past few months and that has negatively affected music, or at least that’s my excuse. An old post on a programming blog I frequent brought up a goodpoint about shipping finished products (something I wouldn’t know much about) rather than talking about it, so here we are. I’ve Read More